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What is Business Intelligence in IT?

What is Business Intelligence in IT?

If you’re inundated with data and considering whether you need business intelligence, this article could help. Many businesses soldier on with inadequate tools because they’re not sure how or why business intelligence solutions deliver value.

We’ll look at the ways BI can help your business – and when it’s time for you to implement a BI solution.

First let’s look at what business intelligence is all about. You’ll find lots of definitions about what BI really is, but there’s no real mystery about it. Business intelligence simply describes the transformation of your raw (unstructured) data into something meaningful. It’s achieved using BI software.

It’s probably more helpful to explain the benefits of business intelligence. Most organizations these days realize that they’re sitting on a on a ‘gold mine’ of data – such as customer transactions, how people are behaving online, financial, and HR data.

There’s almost unlimited information that can be use…

Build Your Digital Presence

More than 80% recruiters we spoke to admitted they check a candidate’s LinkedIn profile before calling them for an interview. That’s right – we are living in the middle of a digital revolution. Simply relying on a 1 or 2 page resume is not enough. The recruiting firm wants evidence to back up the claims in your resume. The good news – there’s no dearth of options to do this: You should have a LinkedIn profile. It should be updated and optimized according to the role(s) you’re applying for. Applying for a data scientist role while showcasing a non-technical background will not give the correct impressionCreate a GitHub account. Programming is a vital cog in the data science machine. Uploading your code and projects to GitHub helps the recruiter see your work first-hand. Nothing more convincing than a well-documented code!Regularly answer data science relevant questions on Quora. This conveys your understanding of the subject matterStart publishing your learning in blog form. Learned som…